Business Litigation / Problem Solving

Giles Law solves problems. Using Robert’s analytical skills, his engineering background and his legal experience we think outside the box to formulate effective solutions to problems.

Giles Law represents a number of small businesses. Robert is basically the company attorney for these family businesses – without actually being on staff full time. At times Robert has known more about the small business client than almost everyone except the owners and he has been their longest tenured associate. Many small business owners know their business inside and out – but they do not know how to protect it through proper contracts and safeguards. Whether the issue is business agreements, contract negotiation, risk structure or small business consulting or litigation, Giles Law can help.

Giles Law has experience with negotiations, dispute resolution and, if necessary – litigation. Many times a business dispute simply needs an outside perspective and a different approach to resolve the problem. A negotiated resolution is generally cheaper and faster. Resolution through negotiation results in more control of the outcome by the parties and generally a better outcome for all parties. But if alternate dispute resolution efforts fail, then litigation may be necessary. Giles Law has experience in commercial litigation. Litigation is generally combined with continued negotiations. Negotiations in these types of cases generally continue to the day of trial. But if all else fails Giles Law is fully prepared and experienced to take your case to trial.

Either way, Robert solves problems. Robert has been described by his peers as ‘relentless.’ He simply does not quit. Please feel free to contact Giles Law and discuss your problem with us. The first one hour consultation is free. If we can’t help you, we will do our best help you find someone who can help you.