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The saying “buyer beware” will soon be a thing of the past for most homebuyers in Oklahoma.” That is what the July 2nd, 1995 Tulsa World article said when Oklahoma’s Residential Property Disclosure Act went into effect. Decades later, TulsaWorld had it right, but unfortunately, what they meant was, “sellers beware,” because today, Oklahoma home sellers can find themselves faced with a surprise lawsuit for problems they are not responsible for or even aware of. Innocent people are selling their homes and being falsely accused of fraud; this stops with a phone call to Giles Law, P.C.

Are you being sued by the person that purchased your home recently or even years ago, and they believe you are responsible for a problem with your old house that you were completely unaware of? Suing home sellers even years after a sale closes is becoming more and more common. Although Oklahoma’s Residential Property Disclosure Act has been in effect since 1995, today, we are seeing an increasing amount of cases where homebuyers are suing home sellers.

Reaching out to Giles Law in Tulsa, Oklahoma, will cost you NOTHING. We are happy to extend a free consolation to you. We defend home sellers in Oklahoma.