Civil Litigation

Giles Law solves problems. Using his analytical skills, his engineering background and his legal experience Robert thinks outside the box to formulate efficient and effective solutions to problems. Robert has been described by his peers as ‘relentless.’ He simply does not quit.

Giles Law represents a number of local family businesses and several local banks. We have been consulted on everything from corporate structure to risk reduction to succession planning. Giles Law has helped in negotiating business agreements and negotiating successful resolutions to contract disputes. Giles Law has experience in commercial litigation. While litigation should be seen as a last resort in most cases – Giles Law has successfully litigated everything from faulty home construction claims, contract disputes and fraud to financial abuse of vulnerable elder adults.

If you have a question – any question – call Giles Law. The first one hour consultation is free. If we cannot solve your problem we will help you find someone who can.