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Giles Law represents Oklahoma clients in the legal medical cannabis space, providing invaluable advice and counsel to cannabis investors in litigation and arbitration.

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Medical Cannabis Litigation Services

  • Contract Disputes
  • Personal / Civil Litigation
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Embezzlement
  • Corporate Structure
  • Employee and Employment Issues
  • Challenges to Local Ordinances
  • Settlement Negotiations
  • Administrative Hearings
  • Partner and Ownership Disputes
  • Contested Company Dissolutions

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We solve problems. We do not quit.

At Giles Law our process is simple – but it is not cookie cutter. Giles Law solves problems. We meet, we talk, you tell us what the problem is, we ask and answer questions and then we give you our thoughts and opinions. The first one hour consultation is free.

If we take your case we will work together to develop a case strategy. You will be informed about the legal process you are entering into and be informed of all upcoming events. You will be educated about the strong points and the weak points of both sides of the dispute. There are no ‘dumb questions.’ Communications from this office are prompt. Questions will be answered as quickly as possible. Messages are checked 24/7. Emergencies are responded to quickly.

Giles Law billing statements are very detailed. Our billing is fair and transparent.  Payments can be flexible.

Please call today and let’s discuss your legal situation.

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Robert Giles is both a lawyer and an engineer.

Attorney Robert Giles and Joyce Giles

Attorney Robert Giles and Joyce Giles