Civil Litigation Defense

Civil Litigation Defense Tulsa

Most people will research civil litigation defense in their lifetime. Civil litigation is defined as a legal dispute between at least two parties, typically involving money or property. Civil litigation does not involve any criminal factors. Civil litigation cases eventually are settled outside of court or in trial by either a jury or a judge.  There are many everyday examples of civil litigation such as contract disputes, real estate disputes, house sale disputes and disputes arising from the purchase or sale of some asset or property.  Many times the lawsuit has no merit.  Many times the defendant did not do anything wrong. But the person or persons named as defendants must defend themselves. An attorney in Tulsa, OK can help navigate that very stressful process.

A civil defense attorney is different from a criminal law attorney. Commonly called a litigator or a trial lawyer, they represent their client from the beginning of the process until the end, whether that involves a settlement or a trial. Practicing litigation law can be challenging. Emotions are high.  Risks can be high. Legal costs can be scary.  It is the litigator’s job to do everything they can within the litigation process to get a satisfactory result for their client as efficiently and as economically as possible. This is a high stress career and requires some very specific skills.

Aside from skills that a client might expect their attorney to have, such as the ability to research and understand the law and legal documents, it’s also important for a litigator to have excellent negotiation skills and stellar interpersonal skills that allows them to adapt to a situation quickly. It’s important that a litigator have strong analytical skills and be very articulate. The ability to think outside the box for solutions that may not be obvious is a major advantage. After all, a civil suit is a high stakes legal fight. 

Of course, a litigation lawyer must have an education. This law degree is in addition to a four-year undergraduate degree.  They must possess their juris doctor degree from a school accredited by the American Bar Association. They must then pass the Bar Exam and become licensed in their state.  They must follow certain ethical rules and take continuing education classes to keep their law license in good standing in order to be able to practice law.  Then comes years of experience and on the job learning. In this profession there is no substitute for experience.

Depending on the complexities and willingness to negotiate of both parties, a civil litigation case can take a few months or several years. Regardless of the time it takes, every litigation case is a process. It’s important that clients understand that it’s impossible to simply jump to the last step in the process. An attorney in Tulsa, Oklahoma can help explain the litigation process to you and answer all your questions about your lawsuit.

Fortunately, most cases never reach the trial stage. It is a very costly process that most clients would prefer to avoid.  Most litigators work hard to reach a settlement. In some cases, mediation can be used to forge an agreement.  If all else fails you need an experienced, skilled, fearless trial lawyer.

Disputes and disagreements are simply a fact of life for most people. At some point many people consider seeking out the advice of a litigator as a plaintiff o when a lawsuit is brought against them, a defendant. The process takes time.  It can be immensely stressful.  But hiring a good, experience trial lawyer in Tulsa, Oklahoma will help relieve some of the stress and anxiety that comes with a lawsuit.