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  • Financial Fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Unlawful Conversion Of Property
  • Medical Fraud
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Check Fraud
  • Identity Theft
  • Scams And Confidence Tricks

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The elderly can be particularly vulnerable to many forms of abuse. Financial exploitation of the elderly has become a virtual epidemic. At Giles Law, P.C. we have experience investigating and recovering decades of financial information documenting financial fraud perpetrated on vulnerable older adults. After analyzing that evidence, we have successfully litigated and resolved cases involving theft of money and property from senior citizens. Giles Law, P.C. has recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for our elderly clients. Robert solves problems. We can help you fight elder abuse.

Unfortunately, elder financial abuse is a common problem in Oklahoma. Here at Giles Law, we regularly work with the concerned children or relatives of elderly individuals who have become a victim of theft, fraud, and other financial crimes. It can be an incredibly worrying time for all parties involved. Still, with a reputable Oklahoma elder financial abuse attorney on your side, it is possible to bring perpetrators to justice.

What Is Elder Financial Abuse?


Elder financial abuse ranges from petty theft to major fraud, and it can take many different forms, such as:

  • Direct theft of money or property
  • Fraud related to stolen checks or misused credit cards
  • Embezzlement of funds
  • Unlawful conversion of property
  • Identity theft
  • Forged or forced Deeds and titles
  • Forged or forced Wills

There are many scams and confidence tricks that elderly adults are vulnerable to, in which perpetrators will strive to gain the trust of victims to have them believe something that is not true in hopes of persuading them to hand over money or property.

Sometimes elder financial abuse is committed by people who are close to – or related to – the victim, such as caregivers, friends, or family members since they have access to the victim’s personal information, accounts, or property. In other instances, guardians and trustees may find methods in which to take advantage of an elderly person for their financial gain.

Why Use an Oklahoma Elder Financial Abuse Attorney?


In many cases of elder financial abuse, relatives of the victim suspect that abuse is taking place but find it difficult to prove it. They may feel they don’t have enough evidence, or they may not have enough understanding of Oklahoma law to know how the perpetrator could be brought to justice.

Elder financial abuse attorneys are skilled in spotting frauds and scams, and they’re familiar with the tactics used by abusers to manipulate and take advantage of elderly victims. A good attorney will know where to look for evidence of abuse or fraud, and they will work to build a strong case to give you the best chance of success when it comes to pursuing recovery and/or compensation on behalf of the victim. They’ will also be your most effective advocate and supporter at a time that is already incredibly stressful.

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