Family Law

Robert has decades of family law experience. Robert has experience in divorces and family law cases ranging from “we sort of agree” to extremely high conflict Protective Order situations – and everything in between. Robert will only take the high ground in a case – as he says, “No cheaters – no beaters.” He has prosecuted and defended in divorces, custody battles, visitation disputes, relocation fights, and child support issues. He has and can mediate family law cases. And he has served as a Guardian ad Litem in several cases.

Robert works hard digging and investigating the facts behind a case – best interests of the children, financial histories, drug and alcohol issues, and just plain lies. Giles Law has extensive investigative experience. Robert can be relentless. Giles Law will work hard to make you fully prepared to come out of your case in the best position possible, whether through informed negotiation or fully prepared litigation.

Giles Law will not waste your valuable time and money fighting battles that cannot be won. Robert will educate you about your case, your strengths, and weaknesses as well as proposed strategies – whether that strategy is to negotiate or go to trial.

Do you have questions? Please call. The first one-hour consultation is free. If Giles Law cannot help you, we will help you find someone who can help you.